Of all of the plumbing problems at your house or place of business, a lot of people would rank a clogged toilet # 1. Additionally, it is probably one of the most common plumbing problems and one which is easier for a skilled plumber to identify and repair.

How is it possible to tell what’s ailing your toilet:

  • You may possibly have a clog because of facial tissue or some other product that wasn’t made to disintegrate like toilet tissue.
  • When you have young kids, the clog could possibly be a bath toy, flushable wipes, diapers, socks, or a cellular phone.
  • If using a plunger unclogs the restroom, great. However, in the event that clog is recurring, it is important to call a plumber.
  • Should your bathroom sink and tub or shower drains well, the problem is most probably a clog within the toilet trap.
  • In the event the sink or any other fixtures drains slowly, it is not visibly clogged, you’ve probably a blocked sewer line. You will require a plumber to identify and repair this issue

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